Cell Therapies

What is A cell therapy?

Cell therapy aims to treat diseased or damaged tissue by local implantation or injection of healthy cells where tissue repair is needed. Orthocell’s development of cell therapies to date has focused on:

  • Ortho-ATI™ - Autologous Tenocyte Implantation to regenerate damaged tendon

  • Ortho-ACI™ - Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation to regenerate damaged cartilage

The use of a patient’s own cells (i.e autologous) to repair tissue damage reduces the risk of rejection or transmission of infectious diseases.

How does autologous cell therapy work?

Orthocell cell therapies harvest autologous cells from the same tissue that requires repair. A piece of healthy tissue is collected by a surgeon and transported to the Orthocell laboratory. The cells are grown in the laboratory over a few weeks until there is enough to implant. Only cells of the highest purity and potency are returned to the patient, ensuring high quality tissue repair.

For more information on Orthocell’s cell therapy products and how they work, visit the Ortho-ATI™ and Ortho-ACI™ pages via the buttons below.