Orthocell’s CelGro® scaffold is a unique collagen scaffold that is bio-compatible, bio-absorbable and mechanically strong, allowing for multiple uses either on its own or in combination with autologous cells or growth factors. CelGro® exhibits a number of qualities that make it ideal for use as a tissue reconstruction and repair device.  Consequently this highly purified collagen construct has a wide range of uses in orthopaedics, general, gynaecology and ENT surgeries. 

Orthocell has developed a next-generation collagen-based scaffold to support tissue growth and repair using our patented CelGro® technology. The CelGro® collagen scaffold is unique from existing commercial collagen-based products.

 Its unique characteristics include:

  1. Completely acellular and therefore devoid of any reactive DNA
  2. Better tissue in-growth and repair by its defined structure
  3. Adequate mechanical properties according to tissue specificities
  4. Improved host tissue integration
  5. Australian sourced raw materials, which can be reproducibly manufactured in large commercial quantities, thus eliminating disease transmission concerns associated with foreign imports and human cadaveric donations.