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CelGro™ is a uniquely bio-conductive collagen barrier membrane for use in guided bone and soft tissue repair.


Proven Biocompatibility 

-      Pure Type I collagen of porcine origin 

-      Completely acellular and devoid of nucleic acids and lipids that may cause inflammation

-      Not crosslinked or otherwise modified


Exceptional Handling Properties

-      SMRT™manufacturing process preserves natural collagen architecture and mechanical strength

-      Easy to handle and manipulate even when wet

-      Maintains its shape when placed over graft material and stays in place without pins or sutures 


Optimal Tissue Integration and Remodelling

-      Maintains barrier function until bone growth occurs

-      Promotes rapid tissue remodelling into mature cortical bone

-      Guides superior quality bone formation


Clinically Proven Results

CelGro™ delivers outstanding clinical performance in guided bone regeneration procedures. Use of CelGro™ Dental resulted in bone volume that exceeded clinical expectations, and in a shorter time frame.

Bone regeneration was observed at 2.5 weeks post treatment. Investigators recorded significant improvement in facial bone wall thickness and significant new bone growth from the base of the tooth socket towards the implant shoulder between 2.5 and 19 weeks.

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CelGro™ guides superior quality bone formation when used for GBR in dental implant procedures. Bone density regenerated bone was equivalent to cortical bone at 19 weeks post treatment. Additionally, the regenerated bone formed was clinically superior to that reported from two seperate published studies using the current market leader in Guided Bone Regeneration.

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Product Range 

CelGro™ Dental is available in a range of sizes to reduce waste and cost to you and your patients


Instructions for Use

Please contact us for further information regarding CelGro™ instructions.

Ordering Information 

CelGro™ is approved for use in Europe and indicated for dental bone and soft tissue regeneration procedures. 

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