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CelGro™ is a true regenerative medicine membrane, designed to deliver outstanding bone quantity and quality.


✔︎ Proven Biocompatibility 

Completely acellular and devoid of nucleic acids and lipids that may cause inflammation

Not crosslinked or otherwise modified


✔︎ Exceptional Handling Properties

SMRT™ manufacturing process preserves natural collagen architecture and mechanical strength

Easy to handle and manipulate even when wet

Maintains its shape when placed over graft material and can be used with or without pins or sutures 


✔︎ Optimal Tissue Integration and Remodelling

Promotes rapid tissue remodelling into mature cortical bone

Maintains barrier function until bone growth occurs

Guides superior quality bone formation


Clinically Proven Results

CelGro™ delivers outstanding clinical performance in guided bone regeneration procedures.¹

In standard two-stage implant procedures, use of CelGro™ results in significant increases in facial bone wall thickness and bone growth, with regenerated bone was equivalent to mature cortical bone, by 19 weeks post-treatment.  

The quality of newly formed bone was clinically superior to that reported in two separate published studies using the current market-leading barrier membrane. CelGro™ scored 4.56 (of a maximum score of 5), compared to scores of 3.00 and 3.46.

CelGro™ Accelerates Regeneration of High Quality* Bone

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CelGro™ accelerates dental implant treatment.¹

Use of CelGro™ supports the use of single-stage procedures and reduces treatment time by an average of 40%. Patients treated using CelGro™ successfully generated enough new bone to stabilise their implants and complete their treatment in approximately 4 months, compared to the 8 months required for standard dental implant treatment.

CelGro™ Accelerates treatment time

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CelGro™ Example of Use

Single-stage procedures avoid a second surgery by placing the implant and abutment at the same time, and reduce the time to crown placement by several months.

1. Preparation of repair site.  Defect site filled with bone graft

1. Preparation of repair site. Defect site filled with bone graft

2. CelGro™ placed over defect and implant abutment installed

2. CelGro™ placed over defect and implant abutment installed

3. Wound closure

3. Wound closure

4. Crown placement 3-6 months later

4. Crown placement 3-6 months later


Clinician Testimonials


“The qualities of the CelGro® membrane have enabled me to move from a two-stage surgical procedure to a single-stage surgical procedure. It has reduced the timeframe and cost for patients to achieve their goals. This positive progression has been made possible due to the rapid and superior quality bone regeneration and handling qualities provided by the CelGro™ membrane.”

Dr Brent Allan, Maxillofacial Surgeon 


“CelGro™ is an innovative membrane with superior characteristics compared to other products available on the market. CelGro™ does not collapse over the defect while you are positioning it and (has a) consistency that leads to a better maintenance of the shape, even without the use of fixation pins.”

Professor Giuseppe Luongo, Maxillofacial surgeon and Head of the School of Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Federico II of Naples, Italy

Product Range 

CelGro™ Dental is available in a range of sizes to reduce waste and cost to you and your patient.

Instructions for Use

Please contact us for further information regarding CelGro™ instructions.

Ordering Information 

CelGro™ is approved for use in Europe and indicated for dental bone and soft tissue regeneration procedures. 

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