Company Overview

Orthocell Ltd is a regenerative medicine company dedicated to the development of novel collagen medical devices and cellular therapies for the repair and regeneration of human tendons, bone, nerve and cartilage defects.

Orthocell’s Regenerative Medicine Products

CelGro® is a naturally derived collagen medical device for tissue repair. CelGro® is designed for use in multiple indications to augment the surgical repair of tendons, bone, peripheral nerves and articular cartilage. CelGro® has distinct competitive advantages over existing tissue repair devices, particularly in the areas of cell compatibility, mechanical properties (strength and ease of use) and facilitating high quality tissue repair making. CelGro® is approved for sale within the European Union for a range of dental bone and soft tissue procedures and is being readied for first approval in the US and Australia.

Ortho-ATI® is a first-in-class cell therapy for treatment of chronic tendon injuries.  The unique treatment uses each patient’s own tendon-derived cells to stimulate tendon regeneration, delivered via ultrasound guided injection under local anaesthetic. Ortho-ATI® addresses a significant unmet clinical need in the healing of tendons which are resistant to existing therapies.

Established GMP manufacturing facility

Orthocell has established a quality controlled Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) facility. The facility is licensed by the TGA for the manufacture of human tendon cells (tenocytes) and cartilage cells (chondrocytes) for the regeneration of damaged tendon and cartilage. The facility is also certified to ISO 13485 for the manufacture of CelGro®.

Experienced team with successful regenerative medicine track record

Orthocell's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer both have unique experience in the regenerative medical industry, having been responsible for securing one of the first cell therapy products approved for the repair of cartilage in Australia and having led the sale of one of Australia’s first regenerative medical companies. The Board also features a number of experienced directors, including a world expert in orthopaedics, as well as directors with track records in developing and gaining FDA approval and CE marking for products in the life sciences and health care industry. The directors have also successfully sold Australian companies within the health care industry to US based acquirers.


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