CelGro™ - Collagen Medical Device

A True Regenerative Medicine Medical Device

CelGro™ is a unique collagen medical device that augments tissue repair and regeneration. CelGro™ has distinct competitive advantages over existing tissue repair devices, particularly in the areas of cell compatibility, mechanical properties (strength and ease of use) and facilitating high quality tissue repair.

CelGro™ Dental

CelGro™ is currently available for sale in the EU and affiliated jurisdictions for dental bone and soft tissue applications. For more information, please visit our CelGro™ Dental page - tab below.

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CelGro™ for nerve and tendon repair

CelGro™ has also been shown to augment the repair of the rotator cuff tendon in the shoulder, and to assist re-joining of severed or damaged peripheral nerves. More information on tissue repair using CelGro™ is available on the CelGro™ Nerve and CelGro™ Tendon pages - tabs below.

Key Benefits and Features

CelGro™ is manufactured using its proprietary SMRT™ tissue engineering process.  The SMRT™ process produces a highly purified, biocompatible and versatile scaffold that can be used for tissue repair and regeneration in diverse surgical applications.

Key benefits and features of CelGro™ include: 

  • Proven compatibility – SMRT™ manufacturing process removes all foreign tissue components and is completely absorbed by the body.

  • Ideal mechanical properties – easy to use, flexible and very strong. 

  • Superior tissue repair capability – preservation of natural collagen structure promotes repair and regeneration.

  • Versatile – can be used on its own or in conjunction with cells.

How does CelGro™ work? 

CelGro™'s strength, compatibility and ability to direct tissue growth are central to its effectiveness as a regenerative medical device. CelGro™'s natural bilayer structure, which features smooth and rough sides, creates a bioactive chamber, acting to both guide new tissue formation and protect the repair site.

Orthocell Postcard membrane animation V2.jpg

1. Smooth layer - a parallel arrangement of densely packed collagen bundles with abundant pores permit the passage of fluids and nutrient molecules while preventing the invasion of external tissue into the site of repair.

2. Rough layer - consists of loosely arranged collagen bundles to provide a scaffold to support new cell growth.

3. Tissue remodelling - cells from the regenerating tissue integrate with the collagen fibres to guide high quality tissue regeneration.