The Ortho-ATI® Advantage

Ortho-ATI® is indicated for use with damaged or degenerate tendons that are resistant to current and traditional therapies. Such treatments do not adequately address the depletion of tenocytes associated with tendinopathy and thus have limited success.

Orthocell’s Autologous Tenocyte Implantation (Ortho-ATI®) technology directly addresses the root cause of degenerate tendons through the application of an advanced cellular therapy. Orthocell has embarked on an evidenced based translational programme illustrated in numerous pre clinical and clinical trials, which highlight successful treatment outcomes. Further information about our clinical trials, click here.

Ortho-ATI® is an autologous and homologous cellular approach. Tendon cells harvested for multiplication are from the patient's own healthy tendon, and following expansion in our TGA licensed facility, injected back into the damaged tendon using and ultrasound guided method.

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                         Healthy tendon                                                                       Degenerate tendon


Ortho-ATI® - How the Procedure Works

Ortho-ATI® involves firstly a biopsy procedure, in a doctor's rooms using a local anaesthetic, whereby a small piece of tendon is harvested from a healthy tendon (typically the patella tendon). This biopsied tissue is then sent to our specially designed and regulated laboratory, where the cellular building blocks of the tendon, the tenocytes, are isolated and grown to a clinically significant number. Finally, the cells are then implanted into the affected tissue approximately 4 – 5 weeks following the initial biopsy. The injection is given in the doctor's rooms, whereby the patient can walk in and walk out.

For more detail about the research and procedure, download our Ortho-ATI® iBook from the iBookstore and GooglePlay sites below.