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Regenerative medicine seeks to use the body’s own ability for self-repair to replace injured or diseased tissue. Regenerative medicine treatments use biological substitutes to restore or improve tissue function. The “biological substitute” is either 

  • cell-based, where healthy cells are injected into diseased or damaged tissue to repair the damage

  • a resorbable implanted scaffold that encourages new tissue formation using the body’s own intrinsic repair processes

  • a combination of cells and scaffold, where cells are implanted into the repair site after seeding onto a scaffold. 

The potential of regenerative medicine to help maintain health and vitality as we age is enormous. Orthocell is committed to bringing the benefits of regenerative medicine to a broad patient population through the development of world-leading regenerative medicine therapies. Orthocell manufactures both cell therapies for cartilage and tendon repair and the CelGro™ collagen scaffold.  

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